About DapperDude

                           Meet Derrick Ramey Jr. / CEO & Designer 

What started as a simple way to create unique fashion accessories for myself eventually morphed into creations about which both friends and strangers were asking. Four years later, I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to earn a living by creating custom bow ties and lapel pendants that spark style inspiration, encourage conversations, and are passed down from family members and to friends.

 Because of my background as a manufacturing engineer, I’m often asked about where I find inspiration. Honestly, it’s all around, but I’m particularly drawn to architecture, art, and even interior design. I also draw inspiration from vintage pieces and am always striving to strike the perfect balance between mid century and modern. My customer base, which consists of classic gentleman and fashion forward women, won’t settle for anything less than quality, uniquely crafted pieces. I’m always happy to oblige them. In fact, I wouldn’t offer anything to them that I wouldn’t personally wear myself. But, I don’t plan to stop with bow ties and lapel pendants either. As DapperDude continues to grow, my hope is to offer a full range of clothing and accessories that includes suits, coats, hats, and shoes. And of course, they’ll maintain the appeal of classic, clean, simple design that my customers have come to love and appreciate.

 And I appreciate seeing my hard work rewarded. While it has been simultaneously exciting and overwhelming, I am proud of where my designs have gone. They’ve been seen at the Golden Globes, the NAACP Image Awards, the SAG Awards, Vibe Magazine, and a host of other style and fashion publications and events.

 I’m eternally thankful for the recognition that I have received and for those who have chosen to wear my pieces and share my art with their friends, family, and the world. I couldn’t have imagined that a personal hobby would explode into such a vast chance to create and make an impact, in and outside of the style world. For me, DapperDude moves far beyond style and I am hopeful that others who see me or read my story are inspired to keep pushing and moving towards their dreams.